Holy Motors (2012) | Fashion in Film Festival 2017

Tony March 22, 2017 0
Holy Motors (2012) | Fashion in Film Festival 2017
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Director: Leos Carax | Cast: Denis Lavant, Eva Mendes, Kylie Minogue | 120mins.  Drama

Leos Carax is always full of surprises and Holy Motors is no exception. Weird and wacky, it’s another fantasy trip into the unknown from the Cinema de Look movement that focuses on style over narrative and with a dynamite tour de force from Denis Lavant as the central character Mr Oscar. From the opening titles it pushes our imagination to the limits in trying to work out how a respectable business man can start the day in suit, tie and City mode and then morph into a series of different guises arriving home in the back of a limo .

As Mr Oscar, Denis has great fun with wigs, make-up and special effect costumes that transform his from a street beggar, a performance artist and a graveyard ghoul, to name but a few.  During this nocturnal reverie a frisky Eva Mendes is carried off on his shoulders and there’s an impromptu turn by Kylie Minogue who bursts into song on the Pont Neuf and then throws herself off the roof of a disused Parisian clothing store.  The best way to enjoy this odyssey of bizarre and outlandish antics is to suspend your disbelief, sit back and just let the whole thing wash over you. MT.








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