La Region Selvaje | The Untamed (2016) | Best Director Venice 2016

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La Region Selvaje | The Untamed (2016) | Best Director Venice 2016

Dir: Amat Escalante | 100min | Fantasy drama | Mexico Denmark |

Amat Escalalnte follows his Cannes awarded Heli with a community based sci-fi fantasy drama inspired by the machismo, homophobia and misogyny of his native Mexico.

THE UNTAMED is an obscure and unsettling piece that manages its tonal shifts from grim social realism to sinister fantasy with deftness as a mysterious narrative slowly unfolds, taking its characters to unexpected places while leaving them firmly rooted in  contemporary Guanajuato weighed down by the their reality of poverty, overcrowding and crime.

There are are nonetheless strange ambiguities that arise out of a large crater filled with GM-style animals that appear to have been affected by an extraterrestrial force. One of these has morphed into a benign tentacled creature capable of giving ultimate sexual satisfaction to the women who visit it in a cabin in the woods. But the creature can also turn nasty, like a disgruntled male: it could serve as a metaphor for Mexican oppression and the dire social issues facing the country.

We first meet the central character Veronica (Simone Bucio) as the willowy waif is in the throws of ecstacy in the cabin, courtesy of our alien-like tentacled tempter. This is one of the most bewildering scenes of the film and is captured by the same cinematographer who worked on Nymphomaniac. In a further twist, the creature is being looked after by a weird couple who are possession of psychic powers.

Meanwhile, back in town, young mother of two Ale (Ruth Ramos) is being abused by her husband Angel (Jesus Meza), a brutish civil engineer who is also in a sexual relationship with her brother Fabian (Eden Villavicencio), who works in the local hospital where Veronica turns up later with a strange wound on her torso. The two are clearly attracted to one another and decide to meet up later where it emerges that Fabian is unhappy with Angel.

This enigmatic mature of The Untamed gives rise to a growing tension and uneasiness and this is rampted up by its sinuous atmospheric score. The plight of the trio feels all the more desperate because of the Sci-fi happening in the nearby woods: nothing is certain, everything seems to be degenerating both ecologically and societally for the country and its people who are caught in the grip of circumstances beyond their control

Despite the underwritten characters, Escalante’s attempts to chanel Mexico’s serious social issues into this Sci-fi drama are convincing and exciting marking him out as one cinema’s most visionary contemporary filmmakers.  MT





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