GOTHENBURG 2013    The leading film festival in Scandinavia will take place from January 25 until February 4, 2013.


TEDDY BEAR             (10 Timer Til Paradis)

Director: Mads Matthiesen

Cast: Kim Kold, Elsebeth Steentoft, David Winters, Lamaiporn Sngmanee Hougaard

Denmark 2011 **** 93min

Dennis is a bodybuilder.  A physical colossus of a man: a fascinating paradox of strength and weakness.  A big man diminished by his inability to conquer emotional solitude, to find love.  The only woman in his life is Ingrid, a tiny, birdlike woman who exerts a powerful hold.  Dennis has to get away from his mother Ingrid and from their home in Copenhagen

In Thailand surrounded by sex tourists, impersonal hotels and throbbing heat he starts to flex his muscles in a more relaxed way. And with that liberation he meets the aply named, Toi, (Lamaiporn Sngmanee Hougaard) a local girl.  Matthiesen’s elegant hand-held camera leaves us free to be still and observe this gently unfolding tale without resorting to quick or gimicky action shots.  He captures a lonely man’s story in a thoughtful and endearing way elliciting powerful yet understated performances from Kim Kold (Dennis) and Elsebeth Steentoft as his mother, and showing us that love is sweet but sometimes unpredictable.

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D R A G O N   A W A R D   W I N N E R S  

 2 0 1 2 

Company Orheim (Kompani Orheim) by Arlld Andresen (Norway) and Heavenly Bodies (Corpo Celeste) Alice Rohrwacher (Italy) are Dragon Award winners.
The 2012 winner was Kompani Orheim (Company Orheim), directed by Arild Andresen. The Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award goes to the Italian Corpo Celeste film, directed by Alice Rohrwacher.
Company Orheim tells the story of a young boy growing up with abusive parents.
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